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  • Beverages (yes alcohol is allowed, but please NO glass & remember to KEEP HYDRATED as sun stroke is NO fun). We do have a Blender on board so bring your favorite mixes too!
  • Personal toiletries & towels
  • Motion sickness pills or ear patches…just in case. The patches seem to work best, but you need a prescription for them.)

MEALS (It's Your choice of what to bring for meals)


If you would like to take the time for breakfast, bring eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, hash browns, potatoes and onions, bread for toast and butter, jelly, etc. Otherwise donuts or a coffee/sweet rolls will do. Some people do both; a big breakfast one morning and just coffee, mile, juice and morning snacks, (cereal) the second morning. It’s up to you…your Captain doesn’t mind cooking for you. Bring a pound of your favorite coffee, cream and sugar.


Some folks bring plenty of deli meats (turkey, ham, etc) cheeses, bread and an assortment of condiments, (mustard, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc). We can cook anything you bring; hotdogs, hamburgers, etc. Bring some snacks to munch on in between meals like fruit cookies, chips, trail mix & snack bars.


Fish is usually on the menu at least one night. Some parties like to bring something different for the second night such as steak, pork chops or chicken. It’s nice to have a salad (don’t forget the dressings), and black beans and yellow rice are easily made but we do recommend brining pasta dishes too. Some good bread with butter is good filler too. Our Captains and Crew do the cooking for you! Remember This list contains only suggestions, you may bring whatever you would like.

Mandatory Items!!

1 gallon of bleach, vegetable oil, cracker meal (for frying fish), all beverages, including bottled water, good disposable plates (no Styrofoam) for any heavy meals, lighter plates for sandwiches and snacks, plastic cups for cold drinks and plastic utensils for all meals. (Fresh water is too precious to waste on washing dishes), sugar packets and some type of cream, 3 rolls of paper towels and 3 rolls of toilet paper. 30 gallon garbage bags for trash (about 6), plenty of Gallon size zip-lock bags for filets, left over cookies, chips, etc.
Personal toiletries and towels. Motion sickness pills or ear patches. (ear patches are the best, but you need a prescription). We will check the list before departure.


  • Don't forget your polarized sunglasses, (if you don’t own any, now is the time to get them….can’t see the fish/dolphins without them)
  • Suntan lotion and a hat or protective face covering
  • Towel and snorkeling gear (if you wish to take a swim)
  • PROPER non-skid footwear (NO flip flops as the decks get slick when wet)
  • Rain Gear….in the rare case it rains….dry clothes go a long way in keeping your warm.
  • Motion sickness pills or ear patches…just in case. The patches seem to work best, but you need a prescription for them.)

If you have any questions for your Captain regarding equipment, the boat, the fish or someone in your party that may need a little extra help or accommodations, please let us know.

Fishing Tackle List – per party

This is a suggested tackle list for six anglers. If your group are avid fishermen, you probably have the tackle between you. If you need tackle, rods and reels we will be happy to accommodate you, (please see our price list for tackle); the bait, chum, ice are provided. Your captain also has a cast net for live baits at sea. We provide ballyhoo, squid and chum. If you would like pin fish or something special for bait please ask us, as we will be happy to do what we can to find it. Please feel free to bring your own favorite bait, however NO oates or corn (it is not a natural food for salt water fish and it will ferment in the fish’s bellies and eventually will kill them).


  • # 1 box of 50 – 3/0 hooks
  • # 1 box of 100 – 5/0 hooks
  • # 1 box of 100 – 7/0 hooks;
  • # 2 packs of small sabiki rigs


  • ½ lb of ¼ oz, 2 lb of ½ oz, 3 lb of 1 oz,
  • 4 lb of 2 oz, 5 lb of 4 oz, 8 lb of 6 oz, &
  • 10 lb of 8 oz sinkers


  • Variety of colors, dolphin juniors, sea withes, skirts, jet heads, boone, sea striker, rapala, or any of your favorite lures.


  • # 5 & # 7 Black Swivels


  • 30-60 LB Test; 25’ of each size


  • 20LB, 50 LB, 80LB & 100 LB Test Line


  • Assortment of sizes from 1/8 oz to 4 oz

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