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The USS Hoyt Vandenberg, commissioned into the US Navy and Air Force as a war ship, transport ship and missile tracking ship, is resting on sandy bottom seven miles off of Key West. This ship, at 520 feet in length, is the second largest ship in the world to have been intentionally sunk for the creation of an artificial reef.  Alive with marine life, The Vandenberg, has quickly become one of the favorite dive sites in the Florida Keys.

This site allows for divers of all experience levels.   Much of this superstructure rests at a shallow 40-60 feet below the surface. This is perfect for even novice divers to enjoy.  Explore the 30 x 10 foot crow’s nest, the 40 foot dish antennas and the bridge including the communications center at this depth.

For those divers with a little more experience the mid-levels of this dive offer a multitude of sites.  There are four open decks between 70-100 feet.  These decks are accessed horizontally through 8 by 10 foot openings on each side.  While exploring divers will find 18 stair towers, as well as elevator shafts and cargo hold shafts.  The divers can gain vertical access to the wreck through these shafts.
For the thrill seeking experienced diver the keel and the four 8-ton anchors now rest at 140 feet. While down there check out the 25 foot rudder and prop.  This rarely disturbed area will give you a view of marine life in its purity.  An experience few divers have opportunity to explore.

Enjoy the Vandenberg on a half day/full day dive trip. Or make it part of one of our multi-day trips combining this dive with other exciting dive and fishing sites.

Vandenberg Half Day Trip (8AM - 12PM) Advanced*

  • $99/pp (2 dives + Snacks)
  • MIN of 4 divers; max of 6

Vandenberg Full Day (8 AM – 4 PM) Advanced*

  • $199/pp (4 dives + Lunch)
  • MIN 4 divers; max of 6

* Must be minimally advanced open water certified OR hire a dive guide to accompany you.

Stay onboard night before - $200

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